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We found this and thought it would be great to share with our clients as well as our website visitors. A quick 10 things that you should always remember while out on bond.

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10 Things to remember while out on bond

# 1 – Communicate with your bondsperson and honor your contract.

Make sure you maintain communication with your bondsperson while you are out on bond. Fulfill your contractual obligations. Remember, you are out of jail only because your bondsperson has decided to trust and invest in you.

# 2 – Do not commit any new law violations.

As a condition of bond release, you are not allowed to commit any new law violations. If you are alleged to have committed a new law violation, your bond may be revoked and it is possible that you may be required to remain in jail until your case is resolved.

# 3 – Use caution when discussing your case.

It is rarely advisable to discuss the facts of your case with law enforcement without the advice of an attorney. This recommendation also applies to any alleged victim, co-defendant, or known/possible witness that the Office of the State Attorney may use against you.

# 4 – Determine who is going to legally represent you.

As it relates to legal representation in your case, you have the option to represent yourself, hire a private attorney, or (if you qualify) utilize the services of the Office of the Public Defender.

# 5 – Participate in the defense of your case.

Whether you are represented by an attorney or are representing yourself, take an active role in your case. Read the Discovery material (police report, witness list, etc.) issued by the Office of the State Attorney. Ask questions about any information you do not understand. Identify any missing or incorrect information.

# 6 – Be aware of how a criminal case progresses.

After the preliminary presentation hearing that occurs while still in jail, your first court date will be the Arraignment. At the Arraignment, you may plead either Guilty or Not Guilty. If you plead Not Guilty, the next court date will most likely be a Status or Pre-Trial Conference. On that date, or at a later date, you will voice whether you wish to resolve your case with a plea or take your case to trial.

# 7 – Attend all required court dates.

Make sure you attend all court dates when your presence is required. Official notice will be given either in court or by mail. Confirm that the Clerk of the Court, your bondsperson, and your attorney have your current mailing address. Be on time for court to ensure your case is not called up before your arrival. If you fail to appear at any court date where your presence was required, the Court will likely issue a capias (warrant) for your arrest, with or without a bond. If a capias is issued, you should take steps to address it. Make arrangements with your attorney and your bondsperson.

# 8 – Respect courthouse protocol.

While at the courthouse, and especially before the judge, make sure you follow appropriate protocol. Speak politely to all courthouse personnel. Dress appropriately (no tank tops, shorts, or flip-flops). Remember, how you act and dress creates an impression not only with the judge but also the prosecutor who is evaluating the case.

# 9 – Consider all options before resolving your case.

Before making a decision on whether to enter a plea or take your case to trial, evaluate all of your options. Review the strengths and weaknesses of your case including, but not limited to, police reports, physical evidence, lay witness statements, deposition transcripts, etc. If you have a prior record or if the Criminal Punishment Code (sentencing guidelines) applies to your case, review it for accuracy. It is always best when you make an informed decision regarding how to proceed in your case.

#10 – Remember # 1.

(See above.)

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